I have been collaborating with other musicians for over 35 years. I am a versatile and accomplished pianist of many musical styles, and a fluent sight reader. I play by score, charts, and ear. I have worked with choirs, vocal ensembles and soloists, instrumentalists, and bands.

I am on the list of accompanists at Carleton University and Kiwanis Music Festival. I accompanied at the 2017 National Music Festival in Ottawa. Several conservatory exam students that I have accompanied won provincial medals for the highest mark in their discipline.

Rates vary according to event and travel distance. For long-distance or virtual collaboration I have the ability and equipment to record rehearsal tracks. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Thank you very much for being Abhi’s accompanist at his RCM examination. He did very well and earned a Gold Medal at the provincial level. During the practice sessions you adjusted the timing and tempo and also corrected where necessary to sound better and the results were obvious.

Badari K.

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