Online Lesson Tech Tips

What do I need?

  • piano
  • laptop or tablet
  • webcam
  • free Zoom app
  • mechanical metronome OR metronome app (such as Pro Metronome)
  • internet connection
  • music books
  • pencil(s)
  • handouts and manipulatives


  • laptop (preferred)
  • tablet (Apple devices tend to be able to accommodate speed better than android)
  • not preferred, but possible, since technology is always improving:
    • phone – small screen size
    • Chromebook – known to have issues with many video conferencing platforms



We are dependent on our respective internet upload/download speeds – the faster the internet, the faster the connection, the better the quality. Try these tips:

  • if possible, use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • if it is not possible to use an ethernet cable, bring your device and router closer together
  • re-boot your router once in awhile
  • minimize your household’s internet usage during your lesson time, i.e. no Netflix or gaming, Instagram, another video conference call
  • Bluetooth devices can interfere with Wi-Fi
  • microwaves operate on the same frequency as Wi-Fi and can also interfere


  • Camera position. Set up your device at the side of your instrument (high or low end, simulating the view from the “teacher’s chair”) and elevated to provide a slight downward view so that most of your keyboard and both hands are in view.
    • It is most important for me to see your hands, but it is also very helpful for me to be able to see your head/shoulders, elbows, and bench position. Once in a while, I may ask for a head-to-toe view so that I can assess pedalling.
    • If the camera is a slightly behind you, your front shoulder will block the view of your hands when you play.
  • Lighting. If there is a window or lamp behind you, your camera will focus on that and you will appear as a black silhouette on camera.
  • Household sounds. Do your best to have your lesson in a quiet space. Other conversations and certain frequencies, i.e. unloading the dishwasher or microwave beeps, are picked up quite well by Zoom.
    • Parents, if you need to ask me something during a lesson, please come on camera so that you are close enough for your mic to pick up your voice.

Optional Additional Gear