Until We Meet Again

My last post was about the ordinary pencil. Today’s post is about modern technology. There are many ways I use technology in my studio. It is easy to make a recording of a performance. My students and I use YouTube and Google to travel the planet. Score writing software makes it easy to print out a tidy copy of a worksheet. Many of my administrative tasks are streamlined due to technology. One of the best ways I use technology is to share musical ideas when the collaborators are geographically far apart.

This week I accompanied someone’s university audition. Here’s the interesting part: the student was from western Canada. We found each other via my website. The student scanned and emailed the accompaniment scores to me ahead of time. We discussed musical details via email. We only met each other face to face at a brief rehearsal just before the audition.

And it was like we had always played that Hindemith trumpet sonata together.


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