Tales of a Musical Journey

People sometimes ask me if I still take beginners. I suppose they are wondering if, with the number of advanced students in my studio, I would still be interested in working with a beginner. The answer is, I do!

In fact, I think a beginning student should find the very best teacher they can (within their budget, of course). Since I teach all levels, I can really see when and where fundamental concepts should be studied to lay a solid foundation for advanced repertoire. We can begin with the future in mind.

This year I discovered a new method for beginners called “Tales of a Musical Journey” by Irina Gorin. “Tales of a Musical Journey” is a two-volume series that blends Russian and the world’s teaching methods to prepare beginning piano students for classical repertoire and healthy technique. It is the culmination of Ms. Gorin’s vast education and teaching experience. The books have been translated into fifteen languages (with more coming) and thousands of copies have been sold in more than sixty countries. Currently, I believe I am the only teacher in Ottawa using this method.

“Tales of a Musical Journey” is written in the form of a chapter book, and uses a fairy tale setting and characters to introduce and expand musical concepts. Entertaining stories develop a young student’s understanding and appreciation of music and piano playing. Ear training exercises, theory activities, and backing tracks develop young musical ears.

I am really pleased with the results so far, and many concepts are filtering through the entire studio. Come find out more!

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