An Evening in Grenada

Ah yes, a trip to sunny Spain was just what I needed at this time of year.

And I was there for a moment. On Sunday afternoon I attended a master class at the University of Ottawa School of Music in collaboration with the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. La soirée dans Grenade by Claude Debussy was one of the pieces on the program. Debussy’s writing captures the rhythms and exoticism of faraway Spain. Even though Debussy never actually visited Spain, he was able to carry us away through the music.

This master class series runs every season, and it is a real treat for me when my schedule allows me to attend. Senior students of ORMTA teachers perform for a professor from the U of O and an audience of teachers. Yesterday’s class was conducted by Andrew Tunis. After each performance, Mr. Tunis worked with the student to make a fine performance even better. We teachers in the audience were the lucky beneficiaries. Also on the program was a Mozart sonata, a Beethoven sonata, a Bach sinfonia, and another piece by Debussy. It was a great afternoon of music and professional development.

And I’ve never actually been to Spain either, but it sure sounds nice.


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